R/V Lake Guardian Specifications
 Parameter                                         Specification
 Length  180 feet                                   How long is that? 
 Beam  40 feet
 Depth  14 feet
 Draft  11 feet
 Gross tonnage  283 tons                                How heavy is that? 
 Displaced tonnage (light)  850 tons
 Engines  2 (1200 horsepower each)
 Propellers  2 (4 bladed, Kort Nozzled)
 Radar  2 (96-mile range)
 Generators  3 (125 Kv each)
 Cruising speed  10.8 knots (equivalent to 12.4 mph)
 Endurance  2-3 weeks
 Range    240 mi/day
 Fuel capacity  79,000 gallons               How much fuel is that? 
 Ballast water capacity  76,500 gallons
 Potable water capacity  29,000 gallons
 Berthing capacity  41 people

The R/V Lake Guardian sails on behalf of the USEPA Great Lakes National Program Office, gathering environmental data to gauge the health of Great Lakes.

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