Eat and Run

Eat and Run
  • Author : Scott Jurek,Steve Friedman
  • Publisher : A&C Black
  • File Size : 53,6 Mb
  • Total Pages : 274
  • Relase : 2012-07-05
  • ISBN : 9781408833391
  • Rating : 4.5/5 (2 users)

Eat and Run Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

'Run until you can't run anymore. Then run some more. Find a new source of energy and will. Then run even faster.' The words of Scott Jurek, a dominant force - and darling - in the gruelling and growing sport of ultrarunning for more than a decade. In 1999, as a complete unknown, he took the lead in the Western States Endurance Run, a 100-mile jaunt over the Gold Rush trails of America's Sierra Nevada. He went on to win that race seven years in a row. Jurek was also one of the elite runners who travelled to Mexico to run with the Tarahumara Indians, as profiled in the international bestseller Born to Run. His accomplishments are nothing short of extraordinary. In Eat and Run, Jurek opens up about his life and career as an elite athlete, and about the vegan diet that is key to his success. From his Midwestern childhood of hunting and fishing to his slow transition to ultrarunning and veganism, to his epic, record-breaking races, Jurek's story shows the power of an iron will and the importance of thinking of food as fuel. Full of stories of endurance and competition as well as practical advice and some of his original recipes, Eat and Run will motivate people to go the distance, whether that means getting out for a first run, expanding your food horizons, or simply exploring the limits of human potential.


  • Author : Tammy L. Hopkins,Henry Delamere
  • Publisher : Arcadia Publishing
  • File Size : 48,5 Mb
  • Total Pages : 136
  • Relase : 2007
  • ISBN : 0738547379
  • Rating : 4/5 (84 users)

Marysville Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Known as the "Gateway to the Goldfields," Marysville was once one of California's largest and most prosperous cities during the gold rush era; millions of dollars in gold were shipped from Marysville to the U.S. Mint in San Francisco. The community began in 1842 when Theodor Cordua purchased land for a livestock ranch near the junction of the Yuba River and the Feather River, the major waterway from Sacramento. By 1851, the city of 10,000 was incorporated and named after Mary Murphy, a survivor of the ill-fated Donner Party and wife of Charles Covillaud, one of the city founders. The citizens of Marysville prospered during those days and built magnificent homes in Gothic Victorian, Queen Anne, Greek Revival, Edwardian, Italianate, and Eastlake styles, as well as brick commercial buildings, mills, ironworks, machine shops, and factories. Although many have now been lost to fire, flood, and redevelopment, the city still retains much of its early charm.

Writing Manhood in Black and Yellow

Writing Manhood in Black and Yellow
  • Author : Daniel Y. Kim
  • Publisher : Stanford University Press
  • File Size : 46,9 Mb
  • Total Pages : 324
  • Relase : 2005
  • ISBN : 0804751099
  • Rating : 4/5 (84 users)

Writing Manhood in Black and Yellow Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

This book is a comparative study of African American and Asian American representations of masculinity and race, focusing primarily on the major works of two influential figures, Ralph Ellison and Frank Chin.

Swim, Bike, Run, Eat

Swim, Bike, Run, Eat
  • Author : Tom Holland,Amy Goodson
  • Publisher : Fair Winds Press (MA)
  • File Size : 41,6 Mb
  • Total Pages : 195
  • Relase : 2014-06
  • ISBN : 9781592336067
  • Rating : 4/5 (84 users)

Swim, Bike, Run, Eat Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

DIVSwim, Bike, Run­—Eat will guide you through day one of training to the finish line and help your body perform at the peak of fitness with expert advice that is easy to implement./div

SUMMARY - Born To Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, And The Greatest Race The World Has Never Seen By Christopher McDougall

SUMMARY - Born To Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, And The Greatest Race The World Has Never Seen By Christopher McDougall
  • Author : Shortcut Edition
  • Publisher : Shortcut Edition
  • File Size : 51,7 Mb
  • Total Pages : 26
  • Relase : 2021-06-21
  • ISBN :
  • Rating : 4/5 (84 users)

SUMMARY - Born To Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, And The Greatest Race The World Has Never Seen By Christopher McDougall Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

* Our summary is short, simple and pragmatic. It allows you to have the essential ideas of a big book in less than 30 minutes. As you read this summary, you will learn that running is part of human nature and that you were born to run very long distances. You will also learn : that man is built to be able to run hundreds of miles; that you have the soul of a great runner without knowing it; that it is enough to optimize your mind to run better; that the greatest runners are motivated only by the love of running; that the sports shoes you wear are the cause of your pain. Running is probably part of your daily routine: not to miss the bus, to catch up with your child, to warm up, but also to run as a sport in its own right. You have probably already started jogging at least once in your life. How many times have you stopped in the middle, too out of breath, with a side stitch, a sprain? You'll be surprised to learn that there are men in the world who are able to run for hours without stopping! From the Tarahumara tribe to the world's greatest marathon runners, plunge into the world of the most extraordinary runners in history! *Buy now the summary of this book for the modest price of a cup of coffee!

Financial Accounting in an Economic Context

Financial Accounting in an Economic Context
  • Author : Jamie Pratt
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • File Size : 40,8 Mb
  • Total Pages : 849
  • Relase : 2010-10-18
  • ISBN : 9780470635292
  • Rating : 2/5 (1 users)

Financial Accounting in an Economic Context Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Grounded in financial statements, Financial Accounting allows accountants to see not only the impact of financial transactions in financial statements, but also the impact of transactions on overall business decisions. The eighth edition offers new elements designed to sharpen Pratt’s economic decision-making foundation with a more timely, real-world focus. Up-to-date, expanded, and detailed IFRS coverage is now included. The SEC 2014 roadmap is explored in all chapters. Comprehensive coverage of real-world financial crisis issues is presented. Accountants will also find more discussions on the increasing role of management’s assessment of internal controls over financial reporting.

Run Your Butt Off!

Run Your Butt Off!
  • Author : Leslie Bonci,Sarah Butler,Budd Coates
  • Publisher : Rodale Books
  • File Size : 51,8 Mb
  • Total Pages : 304
  • Relase : 2011-03-15
  • ISBN : 9781609613440
  • Rating : 5/5 (1 users)

Run Your Butt Off! Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Shed unwanted pounds and keep them off ONCE AND FOR ALL with Run Your Butt Off!, a back-to-basics, test panel–approved weight-loss plan and beginners' running program that yields sustainable, healthy results. The Run Your Butt Off! program is founded on the simple concept that in order to lose weight, calories burned must exceed calories consumed. No gimmicks, no shortcuts, no silver bullets can circumvent that reality. With this program, you'll learn to burn fat from both sides of the weight-loss equation—the calories in and the calories out—at the same time. Run Your Butt Off! will make you fitter, stronger, and leaner.

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting
  • Author : Jamie Pratt,Michael F. Peters
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • File Size : 52,8 Mb
  • Total Pages : 768
  • Relase : 2020-12-15
  • ISBN : 9781119745327
  • Rating : 4/5 (84 users)

Financial Accounting Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Financial Accounting, 11th Edition, provides students with a clear understanding of financial accounting by framing accounting processes in the context of real-world business practices. Concepts are presented in an engaging story-telling approach and help answer key questions such as "why, what, and how" financial accounting connects to business success. By building a solid foundation in the mechanics of preparing and analyzing financial statements, performance measurement (Return on Equity), and decision-making with the help of data analytics, Financial Accounting, 11th Edition helps students better prepare to be effective and successful business professionals.

Cities of Others

Cities of Others
  • Author : Xiaojing Zhou
  • Publisher : University of Washington Press
  • File Size : 41,9 Mb
  • Total Pages : 345
  • Relase : 2014-12-01
  • ISBN : 9780295805429
  • Rating : 4/5 (84 users)

Cities of Others Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Asian American literature abounds with complex depictions of American cities as spaces that reinforce racial segregation and prevent interactions across boundaries of race, culture, class, and gender. However, in Cities of Others, Xiaojing Zhou uncovers a much different narrative, providing the most comprehensive examination to date of how Asian American writers - both celebrated and overlooked - depict urban settings. Zhou goes beyond examining popular portrayals of Chinatowns by paying equal attention to life in other parts of the city. Her innovative and wide-ranging approach sheds new light on the works of Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese American writers who bear witness to a variety of urban experiences and reimagine the American city as other than a segregated nation-space. Drawing on critical theories on space from urban geography, ecocriticism, and postcolonial studies, Zhou shows how spatial organization shapes identity in the works of Sui Sin Far, Bienvenido Santos, Meena Alexander, Frank Chin, Chang-rae Lee, Karen Tei Yamashita, and others. She also shows how the everyday practices of Asian American communities challenge racial segregation, reshape urban spaces, and redefine the identity of the American city. From a reimagining of the nineteenth-century flaneur figure in an Asian American context to providing a framework that allows readers to see ethnic enclaves and American cities as mutually constitutive and transformative, Zhou gives us a provocative new way to understand some of the most important works of Asian American literature.

Getting Real About Running

Getting Real About Running
  • Author : Gordon Bakoulis
  • Publisher : Ballantine Books
  • File Size : 40,7 Mb
  • Total Pages : 358
  • Relase : 2007-12-18
  • ISBN : 9780307415295
  • Rating : 3.5/5 (2 users)

Getting Real About Running Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE In more than twenty years as a runner and a coach, top marathoner Gordon Bakoulis has tackled almost every problem a runner can face. Now in her accessible, inspiring new book, Bakoulis becomes your personal coach and mentor, preparing you to meet the exhilarating challenges of running. She discusses everything a runner must know, including: SETTING UP A PROGRAM: Three-month, six-month, and one-year training cycles; the importance of rest and downtime. CHOOSING EQUIPMENT: Foot types and finding shoes that meet your unique biomedical needs; the latest apparel for hot-and-cold-weather running. COMMON INJURIES AND HOW TO AVOID THEM: Runner?s knee, heel spurs, shin splints; the benefits of stretches, massage, and yoga. FUELING YOUR BODY: Diets for different lifestyles and fitness levels; easy, nutritious recipes. THE SCIENCE OF RUNNING: the ?hard-easy? approach to training. RUNNING WITH (AND FOR) YOUR HEAD: How running can make you feel more sane and alive, with mantras used by champions. CHILDREN WHO RUN: An illustrated discussion of the special concerns of runners from 6 to 18. RUNNING AND AGING: Advice for runners over 50, with profiles of senior runners. PLUS?Pace charts, mile/kilometer conversion, and running resources and organizations. Getting Real About Running gets down to the real nitty-gritty of this most satisfying of sports. Here?s a book that?s worth its weight in gold medals!

Orientalism and Reverse Orientalism in Literature and Film

Orientalism and Reverse Orientalism in Literature and Film
  • Author : Sharmani Patricia Gabriel,Bernard Wilson
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • File Size : 48,8 Mb
  • Total Pages : 234
  • Relase : 2021-06-18
  • ISBN : 9781000399639
  • Rating : 4/5 (84 users)

Orientalism and Reverse Orientalism in Literature and Film Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Acknowledging the significance of Edward Said’s Orientalism for contemporary discourse, the contributors to this volume deconstruct, rearrange, and challenge elements of his thesis, looking at the new conditions and opportunities offered by globalization. What can a renewed or reconceptualized Orientalism teach us about the force and limits of our racial imaginary, specifically in relation to various national contexts? In what ways, for example, considering our greater cross-cultural interaction, have clichés and stereotypes undergone a metamorphosis in contemporary societies and cultures? Theoretically, and empirically, this book offers an expansive range of contexts, comprising the insights, analytical positions, and perspectives of a transnational team of scholars of comparative literature and literary and cultural studies based in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, USA, Singapore, Taiwan, and Turkey. Working with, through and beyond Orientalism, they examine a variety of cultural texts, including the novel, short story, poetry, film, graphic memoir, social thought, and life writing. Making connections across centuries and continents, they articulate cultural representation and discourse through multiple approaches including critical content analysis, historical contextualization, postcolonial theory, gender theory, performativity, intertextuality, and intersectionality. Given its unique approach, this book will be essential reading for scholars of literary theory, film studies and Asian studies, as well as for those with a general interest in postcolonial literature and film.

The Art of Running

The Art of Running
  • Author : Daisy Edzel
  • Publisher : JNR via PublishDrive
  • File Size : 51,8 Mb
  • Total Pages : 50
  • Relase : 2017-03-27
  • ISBN : PKEY:6610000012831
  • Rating : 4/5 (84 users)

The Art of Running Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

"How an out of shape, exercise-hating beginner can transform to an impressive long distance runner within months" Looking to go from couch potato to a physically fit and healthy runner -- heck even a FULL marathon finisher? This book has it all! It contains all the resources for a complete beginner (up to novice level), to succeed at this physically and mentally demanding sport! You will be armed with techniques (outergame) and psychological tools for motivation (innergame), to help you keep up with the inner turmoils, motivation related issues and other hardships, especially in long distance runs where every part of your being just wants to give up! I will not waste your precious time with useless information you won't use. Instead, I'll provide practical and straight forward solutions, daily and weekly plans (resources section) and the best practices to help you succeed. YOu will be armed to the teeth with everything you could ever need to finish your first long distance races and beyond. Here's what you can expect to learn from this course: What it Takes to Run a Marathon Timeframe Beginner Stage Intermediate Level Advanced Level Mental Preparation Setting Goals Running Alone Versus Running with a Buddy How to Use Running Gadgets Get Enough Rest Distinguishing Between Good Pain and Bad Pain Having a Proper Form and Breathing Technique Which Part of Your Foot Should Strike The Ground First? Different Training Styles Training Gear Clean Bill of Health Warming Up and Cooling Down Marathon Race Strategies Running Motivations How to fall in love with running Avoid running injuries Running schedules and plans Marathon Specific Training Trail Running Tips and Mistakes to Avoid Uphill and Downhill Running Running and Losing Weight Heart Rate Training And much, much more... Grab your copy here...

Marathon Training For Dummies

Marathon Training For Dummies
  • Author : Tere Stouffer Drenth
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • File Size : 41,8 Mb
  • Total Pages : 310
  • Relase : 2011-05-04
  • ISBN : 9781118068724
  • Rating : 4/5 (1 users)

Marathon Training For Dummies Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

In today’s modern world, there’s no need for anyone to run twenty-five miles to deliver a message, as Pheidippides did from Marathon to Athens around 500 B.C. However, hundreds of runners each year run 26.2 miles at hundreds of marathons worldwide. To conquer this mountainous challenge, you must know how to properly eat, stretch, identify and treat injuries, and develop a running program that hones your mind and body into a running machine. Marathon Training For Dummies is for everyone who has always thought about running a marathon or half-marathon (13.1 miles) and for seasoned runners who want to tackle the challenge safely and successfully. This quick-read reference helps all runners: Add strength and speed Weight train Improve your technique Eat to maximize endurance Treat injuries Choose your races In just four to six months of dedicated training, any runner can be full y prepared to tackle a marathon. Map out an exercise program, choose shoes, and plan the race strategy that will get you across the finish line. Marathon Training For Dummies also covers the following topics and more: How far how fast? Blazing the best trail Stretching methods Doing LSD (Long, Slow Distance) Tempo-run training The last 24 hours The best tune-up races in North America The week after the marathon With several hundred thousand people finishing marathons each year, you’ll meet plenty of interesting people running along with you. There are numerous rewards for conquering the mental and physical challenges of a marathon, and this fun and friendly guide is your road map to achieving them.

Nancy Clark's Food Guide for Marathoners

Nancy Clark's Food Guide for Marathoners
  • Author : Nancy Clark
  • Publisher : Meyer & Meyer Verlag
  • File Size : 47,5 Mb
  • Total Pages : 172
  • Relase : 2011
  • ISBN : 9781841263229
  • Rating : 4/5 (84 users)

Nancy Clark's Food Guide for Marathoners Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Complete an entire marathon with energy to spare. Nancy Clark shows you how in this book, offering you the best advice on topics such as balancing carbohydrates, carbohydrate loading, protein and fat in your diet, choosing the best snacks and losing weight while staying energetic. Youll learn what, when, and how to eat so youll enjoy not only the process of training for the marathon but also participating in the marathon itself - with energy to spare!

The Slangman Guide to Street Speak 2

The Slangman Guide to Street Speak 2
  • Author : David Burke
  • File Size : 55,5 Mb
  • Total Pages : 244
  • Relase : 2000
  • ISBN : 1891888064
  • Rating : 4/5 (84 users)

The Slangman Guide to Street Speak 2 Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

The Slangman Guide to STREET SPEAK 2 teaches you more popular American slang and idioms that everyone uses every day!If an American said to you, Could you please crack the window? you are NOT being asked to ¿break the window¿ which is indeed the literal meaning! You are simply being asked to ¿Open the window a little.¿Or if someone tells you to Knock it off! or Cut it out! ¿ that just means ¿Stop doing that!¿he Slangman Guide to STREET SPEAK 2 contains popular chapters on slang and idioms associated with:The WorkplaceShoppingHouseguestsBabysittingBirthday PartiesThe SubwayAches & PainsThe TelephoneThe Slangman Files ¿ a special section in each chapter with slang & idioms used in categories

Two is a Company. Dictionary of Pair Idioms. Два сапога пара. Словарь парных идиом

Two is a Company. Dictionary of Pair Idioms. Два сапога пара. Словарь парных идиом
  • Author : Лариса Шитова
  • Publisher : Litres
  • File Size : 55,5 Mb
  • Total Pages : 161
  • Relase : 2022-01-29
  • ISBN : 9785040007004
  • Rating : 4/5 (84 users)

Two is a Company. Dictionary of Pair Idioms. Два сапога пара. Словарь парных идиом Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

В настоящей книге собраны английские парные идиомы и приравненные к ним устойчивые выражения с закреплённым порядком слов, так называемые сиамские близнецы. Для парных идиом характерны такие особенности как дублирование, аллитерация и рифмовка. Они легки для запоминания и последующего воспроизведения.Книга предназначена для широкого круга почитателей английской фразеологии, снабжена примерами разнообразных типов парных идиом.

English, The Aussie Way

English, The Aussie Way
  • Author : Lynne Maree Walsh
  • Publisher : Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency
  • File Size : 54,6 Mb
  • Total Pages : 212
  • Relase : 2016-01-28
  • ISBN : 9781681815657
  • Rating : 4/5 (84 users)

English, The Aussie Way Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Written by a Sydney native, English, The Aussie Way: A Fun Guide to Australia’s Colourful Phrases, Words, and Expressions offers an amusing way for English or non-English speakers around the world to learn the colloquial phrases for which Australia is famous. This user-friendly reference provides words/phrases and meanings/synonyms by using an example sentence. Says the author, “For seven years I housed international students who were attending English language schools in Sydney, and I realised that although they had a good grasp of formal grammar, they struggled to understand not only colloquial English, but many of the commonly used phrasal verbs, which could not be found in a standard English/Spanish, French, etc., dictionary. It was then that I decided to start writing some of them down for future reference and it grew from there.”

Bucket List for Runners

Bucket List for Runners
  • Author : Jacob Gleam
  • Publisher : Conceptual Kings
  • File Size : 50,9 Mb
  • Total Pages : 58
  • Relase : 2014-12-21
  • ISBN : 9781505679342
  • Rating : 4/5 (84 users)

Bucket List for Runners Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Advances in Generative Lexicon Theory

Advances in Generative Lexicon Theory
  • Author : James Pustejovsky,Pierrette Bouillon,Hitoshi Isahara,Kyoko Kanzaki,Chungmin Lee
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • File Size : 50,6 Mb
  • Total Pages : 488
  • Relase : 2012-12-18
  • ISBN : 9789400751897
  • Rating : 4/5 (84 users)

Advances in Generative Lexicon Theory Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

This collection of papers takes linguists to the leading edge of techniques in generative lexicon theory, the linguistic composition methodology that arose from the imperative to provide a compositional semantics for the contextual modifications in meaning that emerge in real linguistic usage. Today’s growing shift towards distributed compositional analyses evinces the applicability of GL theory, and the contributions to this volume, presented at three international workshops (GL-2003, GL-2005 and GL-2007) address the relationship between compositionality in language and the mechanisms of selection in grammar that are necessary to maintain this property. The core unresolved issues in compositionality, relating to the interpretation of context and the mechanisms of selection, are treated from varying perspectives within GL theory, including its basic theoretical mechanisms and its analytical viewpoint on linguistic phenomena.

Optimal Digestive Health

Optimal Digestive Health
  • Author : Trent W. Nichols,Nancy Faass
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • File Size : 49,5 Mb
  • Total Pages : 608
  • Relase : 2005-02-22
  • ISBN : 9781594777875
  • Rating : 4/5 (84 users)

Optimal Digestive Health Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

A comprehensive and integrative approach to achieving digestive health using mainstream, complementary, and alternative therapies • Offers complete information on herbal and homeopathic remedies, supplements, diets, medical tests, and environmental toxin reduction • Includes a step-by-step diet to help readers moderate their carbohydrate intake and balance blood sugar levels • Contains effective therapies for 30 digestive disorders, from candida to ulcers According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 90 million Americans suffer from digestive disorders. Drawing on the expertise of 25 practitioners, Optimal Digestive Health explores the symptoms, possible causes, medical testing, and effective treatments for 30 digestive disorders, from candida and colitis to ulcers. In addition, the authors explain the role digestion plays in many other health conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, mood swings, immune function, and skin problems. They provide clear information on detoxification, food allergies, and environmental factors, as well as meditation, qigong, and yoga. A step-by-step diet is offered to help readers moderate their carbohydrate intake and balance their blood sugar--keys to health and weight loss. Optimal Digestive Health demystifies the use of herbal therapies, acupuncture, biofeedback, and Ayurveda in the treatment of digestive disorders, pairing the best of mainstream medicine and complementary therapies with intelligent self-care for an integrated patient-centered approach to healing.